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Jeff J. Cunningham - Brand Consultant 
Andy Audate - Systems Consultant
Josh Lewis - Leadership Development
Ceasar Munoz - Marketing Consultant
George Karafotis - Ads Consultant
Are you a business owner doing over 250k in revenue?  
We would love to see where you are at, and how we can help or connect you with the person who can.

Let me tell you a story. . .
I have built during COVID a consulting firm - without even knowing that was what I was doing.

 I was just trying to help other entrepreneurs.

My 4 unit not cash flowing, and my lead generation software that I soaked all my window consulting sales in, was now being held ransom by one of the coders on our team, and I had no clue where my next dollar would come from.
I made a decision.  
This was the best decision of my life.

Learn what that decision has done for me, and how you can make the same choice and use the same systems we have used for your business.
Today, companies doing over 250k in revenue fly us out to look at their business and give systems, processes, marketing, brand awareness,  and more as we have formed
Changing Lives Consulting Group.
You are apart of something special.
I want to help and be apart of Changing as many lives, as for such a time as this we are about to hit hyper inflation, and more business need honest help that truly cares with our sole for success.


See the Changing Lives Consulting Group - Jeff J. Cunningham, Josh Lewis , Ceasar Munoz, George Karafotis - choose a meaningful spot at The Diplomat Resort and allow team members to participate  to document the declaration of principles and create an impressive visual to be provided to each team member so we know what we stand for, and together, at Changing Lives.   

More about the team;

Jeff J.  Cunningham - Brand Consultant

Want to see overview of Live Free Webinar on Brand Awareness with the Perfect Brand Blueprint by Jeff J. Cunningham - 

Josh Lewis Growth - Leadership Development

 See more of Josh Lewis and overview of our leadership development and founder of Mastering Management Josh Lewis (JoshLewisGrowth TikTok)
Click here.

Ceasar Munoz - Marketing Consultant
See more of Caesar at the lead generation side of our business - Silver Spoon Agency

Send email of anything you would like our team to look over;

Book a time with founder, Jeff J. Cunningham (JeffTheEntrepreneur) on calendar below. (Due to high requests, message on Cameo with questions before call, click here for Cameo)

Consulting Call with Team member or ExAssistant Jeff J. Cunningham Phone 727-955-2777
@JeffTheEntreprenuer (Brand Ambassador & Influencer)

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